He is the last man to tell a lie.

I can feel not only people's souls, but also the faint spirit held by buildings, walls and such.

This bridge is built of stone.

Kimmo is fashionable.

Her favourite food as a child was pizza.

Wayne brought Rick to our party.


I really need to take a shower.


His novels are popular among young people.

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Turn in your homework.

You have to defend yourself.

They chartered a bus for the firm's outing.

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She is used to sitting.

My father made a shelf for me.

I am engaged to her.

I was busy at work today so I didn't have the time to eat lunch.

We checked the document again.

You are a pain in my neck!

Maybe it was fate.

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Sanand works out regularly.

It looks like cherry blossom-viewing season is at an end. You can see the petals fluttering down.

Everybody seemed pretty calm.


Mysore asked Monica if she knew when the concert started.

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Do you write that with a "J"?

I can't work out the problem.

In the meantime, outside the palace walls, the poor White Duck swam up and down the pond.


I never lied to Kory.


When in times of need, we make even a donkey the king.

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The roses gave off a nice smell.

Brian took some roses.

Can I get a kilo of beef steaks please?


She is going to learn how to drive.

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Cigarettes are soothers for adults.

I am glad that you have helped me.

Don't try to do two things at the same time.


Somehow the woman got stuck between her car door and something in the driveway.

Shankar is fun.

I don't know much about Claudio's personal life.


Dan still had a girlfriend.

I could not solve this problem by any means.

Has the sick child improved any?

Four families were killed in the fire.

Am I dreaming?


You can't give up on him.

Today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday.

I rarely see him.

She put up her hand to ask a question.

All the meat was bad.

He makes a rule of attending such meetings.

I don't want to live.

I should take this.

I make a point of getting up before six.

The baby wants its mother.

Open this, will you?

Let me introduce you to my beautiful wife.

When he opened the door he had nothing on but the TV.

I use this.

I learned quite a bit.

We are looking for volunteers.

She fired Jaime.


I want to make sure we have enough time to finish this.

You know what Vince said, don't you?

Douglas has been sober for ten years.

We'll speak to you later.

This book belongs to Paul.

I killed two birds with one stone.

I jumped up in surprise.

Is sentence construction in Esperanto freer than in Portuguese?

We're really, really fast.

I'll ask her tomorrow.

Colin spends too much time watching TV.


I thought Jinny had something to tell us.

Do you want to hang with us?

I shot Tareq.

This girl has special powers.

He studies at a cram school.

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We have bananas.

My luggage has been damaged.

They are interested only in their little language.

Good actions are never in vain.

Can you play the violin?

Mariou held the ball.

This was my first visit to a foreign country.


I hope you know where you're going.

Do you know anything about that?

They do not preach by name or designation.

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The police will look into the cause of the fire.

Don't sneak up on me like that.

Yeah, I want you to do it.


I refer you to the dictionary for the correct spelling.

I'd like to send a coded message to Melinda.

The 1990's saw various incidents.

Julian felt responsible for Sedovic's accident.

Lou knew I wasn't happy.

I wonder if he is your brother.

I'll have a cup of coffee.

I am glad to see you!

Bobby can't find his bag.

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Margot appears worried.

The Crostolo torrent is full of coypus.

That's cool.


What a temperament! If I didn't know he was Norwegian, I would think he was Italian.

The pluviometer is broken.

As time has passed; the problem has proved more serious.

Where did you take them off?

He transferred to the office in Chiba.

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The boy filled his bag with clothes.

My promotion hangs on his decision.

Is she the owner of this house?


Enjoy your work!

I'll find a good time to tell Father about it.

I must read many books to add to my knowledge.

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Sonny punched Samir in the stomach.


Johnathan's name isn't on the list.

Wet clothes stick to your skin.

Don't worry about making lots of sales.


He became a successful lawyer.

He is three years senior to me.

I don't think we're going to make it to your party.

We are familiar with only a tiny fraction of the universe.

Roxana is used to getting what he wants.

Jack is a really bad driver.

It is not crime against God in Islam that a man has two or more wives.

Where is the sanitary section?

Day after day, the dog sat waiting for his master in front of the station.

You all are Swedish.

I'd like to thank you for helping me translate the report into French.

Marcos's daughter has been kidnapped.

It's worth a shot.

Pump up the tire.

Knapper thinks Adrian will probably say yes.

He often looks back on his high school days.

Lars feels a little better this morning.

What's your favorite hot weather food?

You're awesome.

None of them is alive.

Thank you for your time.

Go upstairs and go to bed.

Well, then there's no problem, don't you think?


Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information, or if you would like to contact me with any questions.


It appears that Ramadoss knows what happened.

Smell what's in this bottle.

Mitch and Van live beyond their means.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

Syed is doing the best he can.

Are you tired now?

Let's go find the Jacksons.

This paper has very good absorption.

You're not helping much.

Lukas hopes you're happy.

The shops in the street were for the most part closed.

You make me feel safe.

I didn't find any feeling in his speech.


We will get these.

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A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.


I remember seeing you last year.

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Tharen wanted to meet me.


Graham Greene is a favorite author of mine.

Jean-Christophe married a girl from Boston.

This is my friend Rachel. We went to school together.


I know you still want to look me in the eyes and tell me 'I love you'.

My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba".

In old times the slope was very lonely.

What was it you wanted to ask me to do?

Give me some of those.